Our Surgeons

St Charles Surgery Center is proud of its team of highly qualified surgeons. Each surgeon is board certified in his or her specialty and brings to the Surgery Center education, training, and extensive experience. 

Josh Amato, MD - Ophthalmology

Gregg Berdy, MD  - Ophthalmology 

Adam Buchanan, MD - Oculoplastics

Joseph Clever, MD  - Ophthalmology 

Adam Fedyk, MD  - Ophthalmology 

John Galanis, MD - Ophthalmology

Joseph Gira, MD  - Ophthalmology 

Theresa Jones, MD  - Ophthalmology 

Senthil Krishnasamy, MD - Ophthalmology

Steven Lee, MD  - Ophthalmology

Ranjan Malhotra, MD - Ophthalmology

Jeffrey Padousis, MD - Ophthalmology

Mark Rothstein, MD  - Ophthalmology 

Priya Shetty, MD -Ophthalmology

Navin Tekwani, MD - Ophthalmology